Magha masam importance:

Acharya Sudhakar V.Rao MD.

This year, (2020), Magha masam starts on Saturday, Jan 25th. It is the start of Sisira Ritu, with rain drops on leaves in the morning. “SiSira” in Sanskrit means “cold, freezing” etc. The month in which Moon will be at or nearer to the constellation of Makhah. (Maghah) Meaning: Maagham is a Sanskrit word Ma+Agham. auspicious and free from any sin. Maagha masam the eleventh month: auspicious month for performing marriages, upanayanam, Gruha Pravesam, Aksharabhyasam etc. Several significant and sacred days are to be celebrated in this month of Maagha. 1.Vasantha Panchami or Maagha Sukla Panchami, the fifth day of Maagha masam in the bright fortnight is celebrated as Sri Panchami. Goddess Saraswathi, the presiding deity of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom is said to have born on this auspicious day of Sri Panchami. 2.Ratha sapthami also known as Magha Sukla Sapthami or Maha Sapthami: Sun begins acceleration of His northward journey. 3.Bheeshmaashtami: is associated with Bheeshma niryana. Magha Suddha ashtami, Bheeshma ekadasi comes in kartika masa shukla paksha. That is the day Bheeshma fell after fighting the war for 10 days. He lay on bed of arrows for nearly two and half months. From kartika shuddha ekadasi to magha shuddha ashtami.) 4.Sri Madhva Navami: Shuddha navami: it was on this day in the year 1317 AD, Sri Madhvacharya while teaching his disciples at Udupi Sri Anantheshwara Temple, suddenly a heap of flowers were showered on him and he disappeared from that heap of flowers not to be seen later. It is considered as the day He entered the Badarikasrama. 5.Jaya Ekadasi: Pushpavati and Malyavan, dancers in Indra’s court, were cursed by Indra for bad behavior. They fasted on this day and regained their position in Heaven. 6.Maagha Pournami the full moon day in Maagha masam: Thilapaathra Danam is prescribed to be given to a Brahmin on this day of Mahamaaghi. 7.Maha Shivarathri:comes on 24th. Thus we see that Maagha masa is very important. Anagha Devi grahams performed this month are said to be doubly beneficial. 8.Anagha Devi vratams performed in this month are said to give double the benefit, because this is MA+Agha=meaning without “Sin” and the name “Anagha Devi” has the same connotation

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