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Our Family

Our temple and its daily operations are conducted and run by various groups of current fellowship. We strive to provide the best services while promoting temple growth each year with the advent of new and current activities, sponsorship programs and various sales programs. We invite you to take a look below and meet the people responsible for making our temple the great place of worship that it is today!


To propagate temple growth through excellence and expand our outreach to both new and current members to create a more actively involved temple community and continue our traditions through each generation.

 Meet Our Committee

These are the people who help make our temple so great. We wish them well as they oversee our operations.


Board of Trustees

Dr. Choudary Perni (Chairman)

Mrs. Subhadra Rao
Mr. Madan Kathuria

                                                                                          Mr. Ramalingum

Dr. J.P. Shah

Mrs. Suman Mathur

Mrs. Sneh Mehra

Executive Committee

President: Mrs. Rama Behari
Vice President: Mrs. Manisha Sharma
Secretary: Rani Krishnan
Asst. Secretary: Kedar Bhide
Treasurer: Dr. Rammohan Kasuganti
Co-Treasurer: Dr.Lakshmi Perni

Committee Chairpersons

Building: Mrs. Jyoti Kapadia, Mr.Allen,
Educ/Culture : Acharya Dr. Sudhakar Rao

                                                                                   Co Chair: Dhananjaya

Fund Raising: Mrs. Hema Patel, Mrs. Anila Kwatra
Publication: Mrs. Varada Bhide
Youth: Mrs. Bharati Uppal
Pooja : Mrs. Niru Shah & Mrs. Girija Gurumurthy, Dr. Roop Kollipara
Humanitarian: Ashish Sharma, Dr. Chander Kohli


priest web

Ramchander Bhattar


 Priest Ramchander Bhattar is the head priest at the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple of Youngstown, OH. He has been serving the temple for twenty two years now and is responsible for conducting all worship sessions.


                                   Acharya Dr. Sudhakar Rao, a well-published Pediatric Cardiologist by profession and a
Vedic scholar, is one of the founder members of the temple, serving as a voluntary priest
since its inception. His contributions to the growth of temple include discourses on
Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-Gita, Vishnu Sahastranamam and presentations under
the heading, “Wisdom of Ancient India Series” in and outside the temple. He is an
eloquent speaker and a good writer with publications and books on Hinduism. His
writings and speeches reflect his desire for world peace and a classless society. He is
available for questions on Hinduism. Contact: 330-856-7224; svrao85@gmail.com.

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