An Astrological View of the Future: Acharya Sudhakar V.Rao MD

Happy New Year!!While we hope for a prosperous happy near, there is deep concern among astrologers about the current state of the world and what 2020 will bring. The coming new vedic year is Shaarvari, which means dark year!! Therefore it seems like there is a New Time of Troubles on the horizon. This is because 1900 – 2100 is the dark Kali phase. We are in the middle of this this.The division and conflict on every continent is easy to see, but how to reduce it remains problematical. While we should not give in to the usual doomsday feelings, we must take the situation seriously and try to counter it on both inner and outer levels.    Astrological Indication of trouble:Jupiter is in Conjunction with the Galactic Center: (at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, is the source of energetic particles that bathe the Earth. Jupiter is conjunct with the Galactic center. The winter solstice of December 2020 is marked by a difficult Saturn-Jupiter conjunction with Galactic center. This is causing Jupiter to be severely debilitated. This is showing the danger of large scale political and economic turmoil, which will influence the next twenty years.This new global time of troubles that started in 2001 is likely to last for several decades. Terrorism with economic dangers, is likely to reach a critical stage by 2020. 2020-2028 will likely be a period of increased disruptions, including at government and economic levels, with continuing refugee problems and failed states. 2028-2044 will continue these, perhaps at a more severe level, but with stronger counter measures.Possible effects:1.Global Changes: Calamities, both man made and natural, are likely to increase.2.Increasing Difficulties for Humanity*One does not have to be an astrologer to see the difficulties facing the world today. The exploitation of our lands, ecosystems, air and water, has reached a breaking point. Similarly, the manipulation of human beings through the mass media, cell phones, computers, multinational corporations, social and government agencies, and the widespread use of both recreational and medicinal drugs, is also creating extensive psychological malaise, disorientation, and alienation. Various types of physical and psychological toxins abound in our environment that even a healthy person cannot avoid.*Our economic systems are in danger of decline, through excessive borrowing, spending, speculation, and a reckless use of other people’s money by banks, corporations and governments. Many people are living on credit and paper money values that are fragile, offering little security. In addition, our population is now outstripping its essential resources of food, water, land and jobs. Many countries are caught in civil unrest extending into unending civil wars in some instances.  The Galactic Center, which sits An Astrological View of the Future: Acharya Sudhakar V.Rao MD*We see a lack of responsible leadership and a dearth of great leaders in the world, with a few notable exceptions. Political parties aim at short-term electoral gains and inflame identity politics, divisive vote banks and religious extremism. Overall our civilization, with its high degree of centralization and interdependence, remains more vulnerable than previous eras. Now a major war, environmental or economic disaster in one country can send off shock waves that can disrupt the entire world order.The global spread of dharmic traditions, Yoga and meditation, mystical approaches, native traditions, alternative and natural medicine continues. Pro-environment and ecological forces worldwide are gaining a greater influence in government and business circles. The new social media is providing an alternate voice to the mainstream mass media and its vested interests that so far had a monopoly. Yet at the same time, adharmic and unspiritual forces, are getting more powerful and sophisticated, spreading through the media and promoting violence and disruption.Science and technology have proved to be a two-edged sword, raising standards of living but increasing artificial desires, developing better communication but causing greater polarization in humanity.There will be a continuing growing interest in higher consciousness, meditation, Yoga and natural healing. Though the negative forces or Asuras usually have the advantage in this material world, the Devas or Divine energies can overcome them at the level of the heart, and can win in the end, even when realistic scenarios look bleak. India remains a target for negative adharmic forces as usual, but has been developing a new dharmic strength over the last five years that can hopefully hold steady through these storms. If so, India can be a guide for all humanity as how to integrate science and consciousness-based spirituality.By 2050, the worst should be over, but the shadow of events may color the remainder of the century..All we can do is spread the Vedic message of a higher humanity: “Vasudhaika kuTumbakam” and “sarve janaa sukhino bhavantu” 

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