Astrological significance of Dec 25/26,2019

Dec 26, 2004 was a sinister day of Tsunami. Therefore the alignment of heavenly bodies on Dec 25/26 is causing anxiety to many. Six planets are converging into one house (Sagittarius) on Dec 25/26/2019, causing anxiety to astrologers.  But the alignment of heavenly bodies is not the same as on the Tsunami day. On 26th December 2004 – the full Moon was at 4 degrees 16’ Gemini, in exact trine with Ketu in Libra. Moon was in Mrigasira Nakshatra, debilitated and conjunct Ketu in the 12th house in Navamsha.
Hopefully the following will clarify and remove the anxiety-provoking myths.

If one believes in Astrology, the following will help one to take precautions against any evil outcomes for certain zodiacs. The following table briefly shows which zodiacs benefit most and which zodiacs have to be cautious.
I hasten to add that there is no need for panic but one could take precautions to avoid any adverse outcomes. As always, firm faith in God and reciting Sri Hanuman Chalisa, or Devi Khadgmala stotra,  Rudra parayanam or some such prayer will definitely enhance the beneficial effects and mitigate the evil effects.

How often do all the planets line up is groups six (shashTa graha kootami) and 8 (AshTa graha kooTami)?
Alignments of the fast-moving inner planets can occur as regularly as every few months or so, while groupings of the slower outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn — occur far less often, but last longer when they do.
About every 100 years or so, six or more planets “line up” and appear together within a small area of the sky. A well-publicized conjunction of this type occurred May 5, 2000, when the Moon and all of the planets except Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (which was still a planet then) lined up within 15 degrees or so of the Sun. Such gatherings have occurred tens of thousands of times in the past, with no observed physical consequences.

Importance of  2019, Dec 25th , 26th .. Dec 25th is alignment of six planets in Sagittarius.: Sun, Moon, Ketu (Descending node), Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury  

Greatest benefit accrues to zodiacs, Cancer, Libra, and Aquarius. Please see details below:
1.Mesha Rasi: Aries:  Sagittarius is 9th house.  Persons in this zodiac must be extra cautious from 20th Dec  2019 to 11th jan, 2020.  Although Jupiter is very helpful, the Moon, Mercury and Saturn are not. Therefore there will be mixed results, with some good and some bad.
2.Vrishabha Rasi, Taurus.  Sagittarius is the eight house which is malefic. Therefore people with zodiac sign have to be very cautious regarding their health, wealth and other dealings. Watch out for any adverse events.
3.Mithuna Rasi: Gemini: Sagittarius is the 7th house. They will feel dejected, with some sense of vairagya or renunciation, disappointments etc.
4.Karkataka (Cancer):Sagittarius is the 6th house. The effects are very beneficial with success in every venture, financial gains, increaase  in popularity, etc. Good time!
5.Simha (Leo): Sagittarius is the 5th house.  The person may be susceptible to anger, fickle-mindedness, may antagonise people inadvertently causing possible increase in number of enemies who may bear jealosy. Caution is required in all dealings and speech.
6.Kanya (Virgo); Saggitarius is 4th house. This is called ardha ashTama. Adverse events like economic strain, unnecessary travel, trouble with relatives etc. Caution is required with careful planning with any major undertakings.
7.Thula (Libra): Saggitarius is the third house. The effects are very very good with success in all ventures, gaining new friends, help from unexpected sources, increase in popularity, etc. Will have great time!
8.Vrischiika: Sagittarius is second house. It is the vaak sthaanam, center for speech. The person may face losses in money transactions, get involved in unnecessary arguments etc. Needs self control!
9.Dhanus: Sagittarius. This is first house, janmasthanam.  Not good!. Can cause health problems, logistic troubles,  unexpected losses. Needs a lot of caution and careful planning and lot of patience and tolerance. Good times are ahead!
10.Makara: (Capricorn):. Travel can be troublesome and expensive. Better to postpone if possible.
11.Kumbha:Aquarius):Very good results with success in all ventures.
12.Meena(Pisces): mixed results: some good and some bad

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