Donate generously to your support.

100% of money donated by devotees is used for temple expenses. Our temple is run by volunteers chosen by the members.

The Hindu temple has been a powerful force in promoting the spiritual growth of our community for 28 years .Only through an established temple and having full time Priest can bring the spiritual wealth of the scriptures to people in the all walks of life in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding area.

The temple is the most natural peace making ground where people from all walks of life can smile together, through the love of GOD.

We sincerely appreciate your past and future support and once again request your generous donations.


You may donate by mail or online. Please make all checks payable to: Hindu Temple Society of Northeastern Ohio

Mail to:

SLN Temple Girard Ohio
6464 Sodom Hutchings Road
Girard, OH 44420


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