Happy Ugadi to all Humanity

Happy Ugadi to all Humanity!

“शार्वरी वत्सरे सर्व सस्य वृद्धिर्भवेत भुवि; राजानो विनयं यान्ति परस्परयेच्छ्या”

meaning, “in the year Shaarvari, there will be good growth all round, in the later half of the year. but there will be lot of quarrels between those in power and authority (causing unrest). The year, as the name suggests will start with dark clouds of catastrophe, disease, fatal epidemics etc. The condition is predicted to last till end of July, 2020. The economy will suffer and will reach levels of recession. In my earlier posts I mentioned about the possible gloomy outlook in 2020 followed by rays of hope.

Although the entire world seems to be gripped in the clutches of the Corona virus pandemic, there is hope. The hope comes from intense belief in and unconditional surrender to God, in whatever form the devotee chooses. unconditional surrender to God in any form the devotee chooses.

On this Ugadi day, one of the important programs is starting the recitation of Tulsi Das Ramayan, or any Ramayan, completing it by Sri Rama Navami and celebrating the festival.

 The usual way reading of Ramayan consists of following time table.

Prathama and Dvitiya  tithi:Bala kanda.

Tritiya and Chaturthi tithi:Ayodhya kanda

Panchami tithi:Aranya  Kanda

Shashti tithi:Kishkindha Kanda

Saptami and Ashtami tithi:Sundara kanda

Navami tithi: Yuddha kanda and Sri Rama Pattabhishekam.

 Of course the above schedule need not be strictly followed as long as the program on Navami is unchaged.

 If one cannot attend the temple due to other reasons, simply uttering the name of Sri Rama in the proper way, will have redeeming effects.

May Lord Laksmi Narayana bless us all! Acharya Sudhakar V.Rao,MD

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