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Dear Devotees,

Ganerally we do all the poojas in person but due to covid-19 temple committee had decided that rest of this year we are not going to have any big gatherings in the temple due to social distancing guidelines on the premises. We will not be able to have Mata Ki Chowki or our annual fundraiser and all other festivals that you all so look forward to every year.All the poojas for different festivals will be performed as always by the priest.While many activities have curtailed like ( Utilities, general Maintenance),to support the smooth running of the temple for the coming months (for how long,no one can even guess) The poojas will be conducted  on behalf of all the sponsors. we request all out devotees to donate generously in this time of unprecedented need.
The following various sponsorship are suggested for the upcoming festivals:Sat August 22  Ganesh Chaturthi                     $51

Due to extra month( Adhik Mass) in Hindu calendar Navaratri will be in October.Saturday October 17 -24  Navratri Havans       $501 for all Havanes

Or you can do individuals also

 Sunday    October 25        Vijayadashmi            $101

 Saturday November 14     DIWALI                     $151

We request all our Major Sponsors to kindly donate generously as always for all the poojas.

You can do this by

pay pal go to the website:

Or send the check to

Hindu Temple Society of NE Ohio

P.O.Box 497, Girard,Ohio 44420

May Shri Lakshmi Narayan’s blessings always be with you all.


President Rama Behari 

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